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Showcase Your Property!

Improve how everyone interacts with your property, and provide them with instant access to install your mobile application or utilize their browser to get everything they need. All in one place. No disruptions to your existing processes!

AppstoreGoogleplay * Also works via PC and Mobile Devices in Browser Mode

Keep everyone on the same page

  • Management posts the latest news events and reminders
  • During time-sensitive scenarios management sends mobile alerts so audience reacts and responds accordingly.
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Everything conveniently located in one place

  • Property Showcase and Highlights
  • Indexing and search menus to all property operations information for tenants and visitors.
  • Use voice to access results by keywords
  • Instant access to online work order system
  • All neighborhood amenities within a mile radius.

How it works

Management logs into a secure dashboard and information is updated in real-time.

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Screen Gallery

World Class Portfolio

SunTrust Plaza is a major banking headquarters located in downtown Atlanta.

Bank of America Corporate Center is a major banking headquarters located in downtown Charlotte.

Coda Tech Square serves as the technology hub for the Southeast and is located in Midtown Atlanta on Georgia Tech's Campus.

Cross-Platform App

Works on every device. Additional features such as voice, GPS and Mobile Alerts only available when Mobile App is installed.

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Implementation is as easy as 1-2-3

1) Copy Files to Dropbox
1) Copy Files to Dropbox

We'll send you a link to a secure Dropbox and instructions for uploading your files.

2) 3 Hour Long Meetings
2) 3 Hour Long Meetings

3 hour long meetings are required before you go live.

3) Go Live
3) Go Live

We'll provide you with marketing materials to promote your app.

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